3 Reasons NOT to be Depressed After Your Christmas Spending

"Don't be sad because it's over, be happy because it happened."

So Christmas is ever so close and you’re more than excited to see your family and friends open up the gifts you got them. However, you know as soon as you wake up the morning of the 26th you’ll be thinking about those credit card bills or the decreasing balance of your checking account. Well, let yourself be comforted knowing that your spending was not in vain. Remember these three little things so that you can wake up the morning after Christmas feeling happy.

1.) “Don’t be sad because it’s over, be happy because it happened.”

This was said to me by one of the wisest women I know. It is very easy to be sad once a very special time comes to a close, but rather than let the joy leave you, you need to harness it by being satisfied with the good time you had. If you’re sad about the money you spent, think rather about the joy that it brought to others and let that be the reason for your giving. A giving heart is one that sees not the loss they are incurring but the joy that someone is receiving.

2.) “Money comes and goes.”

Money will come and go, if you attach yourself to it, so will you. Don’t let your attitude and personality change with the cycle of your money. Remember once again that money is not the only thing that matters in life. In fact, you will most likely go back to work after a nice Christmas break and make it right back.

3.) “Failure to plan, is planning to fail.”

Hopefully you thought some things through and budgeted for this Christmas. If not, there’s still hope. If your spending was a bit excessive and you’re worried about it, just remember to keep cool, make a payback plan and follow through. Planning ahead can alleviate present stress and boost forward-looking confidence! So don’t delay in your planning.

Have a phenomenal Christmas this year without the mental burden of your money. I hope these three little tips help you get through holidays peacefully and joyfully. Savor every moment and have a merry Christmas!

Cheers & God Bless


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