Is It Better To Rent or Buy Your Home?

Often classified as one of the biggest financial decisions the average person makes.
November 16, 2017
  • 40 Ways to Save Money in College

    40 Ways to Save Money in College That Every Student Should Know

    Not only do many students go into debt for college, but they often times find that money seems to just slip away during the semester. Use these 40 money saving tips to help you avoid spending when you don’t need to and save money in college! Actually go to...
  • Personal Finance Ratios: Got Targets?

    The measurement of your personal financial performance & position, by the use of simple ratios, is a remarkable way to WIN with money. Personal finance ratios are tools used by almost every financial planner and coach to help set goals for their clients. In a Harvard MBA study (The...
  • How to stop justifying overspending

    How to Stop Justifying Overspending

    Overspending is defined as unwarranted expenditures where someone spends more of their money than they actually have or can reasonably afford. With U.S. consumer debt hitting all-time highs of $12.73 Trillion and government debt at an all-time high of $19.9 Trillion, it is clear that our country has a spending...
  • 3 Reasons NOT to be Depressed After Your Christmas Spending

    A brief read on how to not be depressed after one's Christmas Spending....

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