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Many high school and college students can identify with the feeling of “not knowing what to do with life.” Nothing seems more unsettling when you’re getting questioned about how you plan on making a living or what you want your career to be. It’s the dreaded question when you don’t have an answer. You can either say “I don’t really know” or you can confidently ring off some random career you think you might be interested in.

Well the truth is; in order to understand what you “want to do,” you need to understand who you are and what your value proposition is.

I know… you’re probably thinking “what the heck is a value proposition.”

In business, the value proposition is the heart and soul of the whole operation. The value proposition explains the value that the business creates, how and why it creates it, and who it is created for. This value is then proposed to the customer who purchases it in hopes of satisfaction. The cool thing is, the value isn’t just in the finished product or service, it is in every step that it takes to get there. (So if you hate your classes and don’t find purpose in it, don’t be worried about where you’re at now, because every step in your life can add value to you if you let it.)

So if you’re freaking out about not knowing what career fits you best, relax for a moment because the first step to releasing yourself from the burden of “not knowing” is simply realizing that you can never fully know. The perfect job doesn’t exist. This is because we live in an imperfect, fallen world. Don’t waste time being frustrated and stressed, it won’t benefit you.

If you want to discover your value proposition, instead ask yourself “what value do I want to offer? What value do I seek to create?” These values should align with who you are and who you want to be. Sometimes to reach those goals you may have to increase your skills, develop your talents, acquire more knowledge, or simply seize the opportunity to give it a shot.

Know this:

You are valuable. You are your own unique individual and there is no one who is just like you on this planet. You are the only you. So don’t disparage yourself or think that you don’t have any value. You have value that is solely embodied in you. You just have to learn how to harness it!

Harnessing and increasing your value, can benefit you in a plethora of ways. In ways you won’t realize until you take that leap of faith. Along your journey, develop these habitual mindsets and begin to harness your value:

See every opportunity as a learning opportunity and be teachable. Through the good and the bad. Never stop learning. Why? Because through this you are increasing your mental capabilities, experiential knowledge, and your overall value proposition. The more versatile and knowledgeable you become, the more value you can be capable of creating for yourself and others. When you do this overtime, don’t be surprised when you become a noticeably fast-learner!

Harness the power of asking. This is so important. Do not be afraid to ask questions. A wise man once said “Asking a question and being a fool for a moment is better than asking no questions and being a fool for a life-time.” So be curious, don’t be afraid to learn. Ask questions and be enlightened!

Humble yourself. The heart of the humble will always outlast the power of the prideful. When you humble yourself and develop a mentality that has respect for all, your life will change for the better. Jesus said “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted (Matthew 23:12).” Remember, being humble is not a loss of self-confidence. It is surrendering the fact that you don’t know it all and presenting yourself always in a way that is teachable and considerate.

Seize the opportunity. Lastly, don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and seize an opportunity. Being fearful of getting out of your comfort zone will not benefit you. It will actually expand your comfort zone. Now, I am not talking about being spontaneous and acting out of shear randomness. I am talking about taking action, making decisions and taking educated risks. Practice this and over time you will develop wisdom that will help you know when and when not to act.

So my friends, I hope you discover your value-proposition and act on it. Develop and practice these mindsets and discover! You won’t regret it! Be inspired and inspire others!

Cheers & God Bless


DISCLAIMER: The opinions, analysis and statements presented in this article and on this site are solely my opinion (based on my own research), not affiliated with any past, present or future employment or business affiliation. This post contains affiliate links of the products that I recommend, which means if you purchase products through the link, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and the time and effort put into it. Thank you for the support!!

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