Tips for Job-Seeking Millennials

Absorb these tips to standout and be remembered!

Millennials seem to face a 2-sided reputation from the masses. They are usually either considered one of two things: 1) Millennials are either coined as being lazy, arrogant, unprofessional, unrealistic, entitled, selfish, and “soft”, or 2) millennials are considered as innovative, self-starters, creative thinkers, open-minded, and driven for success.

Unfortunately, as a millennial, you are often categorized and labeled right off the bat and it is up to you to make the right impression as to who you really are.

Landing a job is not an easy thing to do. Especially when there are thousands of other applicants with similar resumes and degrees. This is why it is critical to win over an employer with your ability to share who you are at your core, your character.

You’ll need to be able prove the value you are bringing to their company or institution is greater than the cost of having you (or at a minimum show the strong potential to enhance the company or institution)! You need to be able to present your value not only as being worth it financially, but also in the intrinsic and intangible value you’re bringing with your personality!  You’ll need to give perspective to your goals, where you think you would like to be or what you think you would like to be doing in 3 to 5 years. And of course, after being hired, you’ll need to deliver!

So with that said, here are 5 attributes you need to be presenting to employers on your resume & in your interview.

1) Have Integrity

Warren Buffet, when speaking to a group of college students, said there are three main things they look at when hiring people: Integrity, Intelligence & Energy. We’ll get to the others briefly, but notice how integrity is the first one on the list!

Integrity shows that you are always willing to be honest, responsible, and thorough in your work. This means that when it comes down to the wire, you are willing to do the right thing no matter who is watching. This is an attribute that needs to be at the soul of your character and it’s not something you can fake.

2) Have a Strong Work Ethic & Be Filled with Energy (Self-Motivated)

This is one where you’ll need to fight the label that’s been placed on you by society. Millennials are constantly portrayed as being lazy and foolish. You’ll need to show that you are the opposite of this and that you are a hard worker and a smart worker.

When it comes to having energy, this means being able to focus and have attention while maintaining excitement and drive for whatever it is you’re working on.  This is not an easy thing to do as people can get burned out and lose their drive… fast. You always want to be at your maximum energy levels by viewing each day as a world of possibility!

You should be prepared with examples of life experiences that demonstrate your work ethic. If you don’t have many, start creating them. You can build up your work ethic by NEVER giving up and giving everything your all. If you promised someone an hour be prepared to give them two.  If your work start time is 8:00 am, show up early, and be prepared to stay late; whether paid hourly or salaried.  Having a strong work ethic means that you see a project to its completion, even during the less than challenging parts.  You are committed to the organization.

If you struggle with being driven and motivated, I HIGHLY recommend you check out Grant Cardone’s book called The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure. This book changed my perspective on how I think and get motivated. I definitely don’t think I’m on Grant’s level (which is insanely high) but you have to start somewhere right!?

3) Humility & Respect

This is another attribute that really needs to already exist in your core, your character. The difficult part is being able to display it when you need to. A humble person never really needs to say they’re humble, which makes it difficult when it comes to an interview. However, you can display humility and demonstrate respect by the way you speak, act, and carry yourself.

Let’s be honest, no one likes the cocky or arrogant person… so don’t be that person. No one likes to be around them, work with them or even talk to them. Being humble does not mean you cannot be proud of your achievements or progress. It simply means you conduct yourself in a way that is respectable, self-aware and admirable. Respect others first as you would want to be respected.

So be sure to present your achievements and abilities within the scope of humility! Never think you know it all, because when you realize you don’t, it’ll hurt in more ways than one!

4) Being Cohesive & Being able to Work with Others (Emotional Intelligence)

When you are being interviewed, the interviewers are looking for a lot of things. One of them is how well you are able to work in their team. If you want to be considered for a position, they need to see that you’ll be able to fit in with organizational culture and their specific team.

So, to show that you can fit in, it’s great to carry the previous three attributes already, but you also need to have a solid degree of emotional intelligence. This means knowing how to read body language, how to treat others, communicate with others, and effectively collaborate with others.

People can be very difficult to deal with sometimes, but if you can demonstrate an ability to work with and get along with others, you will be in great shape!

Battles aren’t won by a single soldier, they’re won with an army of cohesive team members!

5) Persistent & Able Problem Solver (Intelligence & Skill)

Being intelligent, in and of itself, is often categorized as something you either have or don’t have. However, I would disagree with this notion. It is possible for you to learn and grow in your knowledge, skills and experience. The only thing is, you are the only one who can determine that rate of growth!

You should constantly be looking for ways to make yourself better! This is why I created the Knowledge Shop as a resource for you to invest in yourself and grow as an individual. Everyone has time to invest in themselves in some way. If you don’t, then some priorities must be off.

Employers like to see that you are someone who is always looking to grow as person. If you’re willing to grow yourself, you’re usually willing to grow the business. Often times growth comes through problem solving and persistence. Being persistent, as I’ve said before, has a strong connection with work ethic, which also has a strong connection with problem solving!

Problems can be frustrating, but how you handle them, collaborate, and solve them shows a lot about your character and core values!

To conclude, I trust that developing these 5 attributes will serve you well in your job search and also in your life! I encourage you to never give up and always be looking for ways for self-development, personally and professionally!

As always,

Cheers & God Bless,


DISCLAIMER: The opinions, analysis and statements presented in this article and on this site are solely my opinion (based on my own research), not affiliated with any past, present or future employment or business affiliation. This post contains affiliate links of the products that I recommend, which means if you purchase products through the link, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and the time and effort put into it. Thank you for the support!!


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