Top 9 Unconventional Ways to Make More Money

Unconventional ways to make more money

If you’re looking to make more money or increase your income, get familiar with the top 9 ways people have been making extra money:

#1 Invest with Robinhood (get a free share of a random stock with this sign up!)

Robinhood is a free, $0 commission, no minimum account balance, stock-trading brokerage app. It’s incredibly easy to set up an account to begin investing on your own. It is 100% free (unless you want to upgrade). It’s no WallStreet trading station, but it is a good way to begin investing. If you’re going to invest, be sure to do your homework! To learn more about investing check out Investopedia’s 10 Steps.

#2 Sell your services with Fiverr

Are you good at writing, drawing, singing, editing, or really just about anything? Fiverr is a phenomenal platform to market your product or services. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to start your own small business. You create what is called a “gig,” and sell your product or service to people in the marketplace. If you’ve got something to offer, give it a shot!

#3 Sell your photos on EyeEm

If you have any good quality photos or have a talent for taking pictures, you should create an EyeEm account and upload them. You license and sell your photos on their “EyeEm Market” anywhere from $20-$200 and split the profits with EyeEm. All you do is upload, edit, tag & title, and wait. Most of the work is done on the back-end with EyeEm. It may take a decent amount of time to sell, but for the time you have to put in in comparison to the potential payout, it’s worth it.

#4 Sell your stuff on Ebay

There is three main ways people sell on Ebay; 1) Sell your stuff for some extra cash. 2) Be a trend seller (finding a product that is about to become incredibly popular, investing in inventory, then sell at a higher price. Very Risky.) 3) Sell your own products that you create.

#5 Make extra cash/giftcards with Swagbucks and Shopkick

You can make a couple extra bucks by taking surveys, watching movie trailers, and watching ads on Swagbucks. You can do this online or by downloading the app. It’s very easy to set up an account and start earning! If you are a shopper, you need to have Shopkick. You earn points just for walking into stores with the app open. Once you collect enough points, you can cash them in for various rewards and deals. It’s an easy way to earn for doing next to nothing!

#6 Be a Driver with Uber or Lyft 

You knew it was coming… If you have a car and some spare time, become a driver on Uber or Lyft. This is incredibly popular and seemingly profitable, as many people have made this their full-time job!

#7 Bring your Creativity to life and sell it!

I know a lot of crafty people who make wooden decorations, paintings and all kinds of cool things and sell them on places like EBay, Etsy, Amazon, or even yardsales. If you’ve got a knack for making cool stuff, give it a shot. This is a satisfying and fun way to make some extra cash.

#8 Start Blogging

Do you feel as though you have something to say? Say it! Start a blog on a platform like WordPress and monetize your site. Your money is made through advertising, featured posts, and other promotional activity. This is by no means an easy task because it takes dedication and time to build an audience and attract more web traffic. However, it is important to know that if you are solely looking to make money, blogging probably isn’t for you.

#9 Create a Youtube Channel

There are a lot of millionaire Youtubers out there who found their fortune by uploading their own unique and creative content that resonates with people. If you can make above average videos, Youtube could prove to be profitable for you. Similarly to blogging, this also will take hard work and time.

If you have the time, give one of these a shot. Millions of people are making millions of dollars every day on these platforms. Which one are you going to tap into? Enter at your own risk, with careful attention to every detail!

If you don’t like any of these 9 ways, check out this book: The Science of Money: How to Increase Your Income and Become Wealthy… Maybe it can help you out!

Thanks for reading! May your ventures be profitable for you!

Cheers & God Bless

DISCLAIMER: The opinions, analysis and statements presented in this article and on this site are solely my opinion (based on my own research), not affiliated with any past, present or future employment or business affiliation. This post contains affiliate links of the products that I recommend, which means if you purchase products through the link, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and the time and effort put into it. Thank you for the support!!

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