YourFinance.blog was created to be a resource for anyone and everyone. One’s financial life has a very powerful effect on one’s well-being as a whole. This is why the content of this blog is mean’t to provide insight and helpful information to help you live a healthy financial life.

The reason why this blog is tailored towards Personal Finance is because I have seen and I am seeing so many people go through life constantly worrying and stressing about finances and just money in general. This is including myself:

My family grew up in financial instability and uncertainty. When I was 7 years old my dad passed away from terminal brain cancer. A terribly saddening phase of life for my family. But the effects weren’t just emotional. My father was a small business owner while my mom stayed at home to raise me and my other 5 siblings. So when my dad passed, there was a gaping hole emotionally, financially and spiritually.

My mom had to start working and we all had to grow up real quick. For much of my upbringing I watched my mother struggle through life, barely making it paycheck to paycheck. This burden and worry is something that I would never wish upon anyone. However the Lord blessed us with so many great people, friends and family who helped us in so many ways.

From growing up in this stress, I’ve made it a goal to learn and educate myself so that I can avoid such struggles in my own life. Everything that I learn and garner along my journey I want to share with others so that they too can be alleviated from financial struggles and stress.

In this blog, I will be posting articles(weekly) that will address various aspects of one’s personal finances and provide some helpful tips that will be useful along one’s journey.

It is my hope and prayer that this information would be beneficial to those who read it. I praise the Lord for the opportunity to reach others, but above all else I thank God for the great grace He has poured out to us in Christ Jesus! For in Christ there is a hope far greater than anything money or this world could offer. So be blessed my friends and take heart! Romans 8:28.

Cheers & God bless

-Matt McDevitt